Mili    (DVD in Hindi with English subtitles)

Mili (DVD in Hindi with English subtitles)

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Author: Amitabh Bachchan
Jaya Bachchan/
Director/Composer/Narrator: N C Sippy / Hrishikesh Mukherjee / S D Burman
Publisher: Shemaroo
Year: 2005
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): SHEDVD063


Mili ,an exuberant, teenaged girl with an infectious zest for life. Shekhar , a brooding recluse. Dogged by a scandal, he discouraged and shunned all contacts with people.

When Shekhar moved into the terrace flat of the building where Mili stayed, the terrace became out of bounds for her and the gang of children where they had fun and But Mili worked persistently at Shekhar. The scandal did not matter to her. Her magic worked on Shekhar.

Gradually he started coming out of his shell. Then fell in love. And tragedy struck again. He was prepared to run away. But love works in strange ways. He stayed back. To give something or some time to someone who gave everything. Giving is all that matters in love. There is nothing too little or too big.