The Secrets of a Fire King  -  Stories

The Secrets of a Fire King - Stories

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Author: Kim Edwards
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 255
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780141034577


Young, fiery and bright, Eshlaini has her whole future ahead of her - until her father condemns her to a life of spinsterhood.

Joyce has settled into Malaysian life after thirty years as an expat wife -or so she thinks, until a new comer arrives and reveals just how little of her adopted country she knows.

Jade Moon wants the best for her family - but, surrounded by Americans who reject her Korean traditions, she must first work out what the best means.

Through cultures and distances separate them, their experiences reflect our universal fears and desires. From a breathtaking island off Singapore to upstate New York and France, Kim Edwards takes in the world, compassionately and gracefully exploring the obstacles of time, place and circumstance in all our quests for love, happiness and acceptance.


The Secrets of a Fire Kind gives eloquence to an astonishing range of discoveries and leaves the reader entranced.
- New York Times Book Review

Impeccable, a treasure. Edwards's brilliance is evident in the way she constructs a story.
- Chicago Tribune

Beautifully focused. Edward's tales read like the work of a wise traveler who returns home with uncommon souvenirs from other lands.
- Publishers Weekly


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