The Art of Oratory - 150 of the Most Inspirational and Influential Speeches in History

The Art of Oratory - 150 of the Most Inspirational and Influential Speeches in History

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Author: Charles Mosley
Translator(s)/ Edito: Charles Mosley
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 345
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788174366160


The greatest speeches have changed world history. To compile an anthology of them is therefore to sketch a history of the world.

From the origins of western oratory in classical Greece (Pericles, Demosthenes), via its exponents in the great age of British Parliamentary debate and American Congressional and Presidential campaigning, through its perverting by the twentieth-century's worst dictators and demagogues, to its exuberant modern practitioners in black America (Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson) or South Africa (Nelson Mandela), this book is a treasury of golden words launched from silver tongues.

Each speech is presented with a portrait of the speaker plus a short biography and an account of the context in which the speech was delivered, including the historical consequences.



Belial : To his fellow fallen angles
Jacob :To his sons
Hector :To the Trojans
Achilles : To the Greeks
Pericles : Funeral Oration
Socrates : Defence at his trial
Alexander the Great : To his reluctant troops
Marc Antony : Funeral panegyric on Caesar
Emperor Claudius : On admitting non-Romans to the Senate
William the Conqueror: Deathbed aplology for oppressing the English
Thomas More : To Commissioners enforcing the oath denying papl supremacy
Anne Boleyn : Scaffold speech
Elizabeth I : To Parliament on choosing a husband
Elizabeth I : To Troops at Tilbury when Armada threatened (2)
Sir Francis Drake : On relations between gentlemen and sailors at sea
Sir Walter Raleigh : Scaffold speed
Charles I : Scaffold speed
Oliver Cromwell : To Parliament when closing it down

Pitt the Elder : Against the Stamp Act
Pitt the Elder : On the American War (2)

Partrick Henry : ‘Liberty or Death’

Edmund Burke : On an MP’s responsibilities
Edmund Burke : On impeaching Warren Hastings (2)

Robespierre : On terror
George Washington : Farewell address
William Wilberforce : Against the slave trade (1)

Pitt the Younger : Against the slave trade
Pitt the Younger : On peace with France (2)

Charles James Fox : On peace with France
Thomas Jefferson : On the Louisiana Purchase
Lord Byron : Against the death penalty for Luddites
Napoleon : Farewell to his Old Guard
George Canning : On the New-Old World balance

Daniel Webster : Pilgrim Father’s commemoration
Daniel Webster : Against Nullification by South Carolina (2)

Daniel O’ Connell : Ireland shall be free’

Sir Robert Peel : Resignation as Prime minister
Johan C. Calhoun :’The Union is in Danger’
Lord Palmerston : ‘Civis Romanus sum’
Johan Bright : ‘The Angel of Death’

Abraham Lincoln : Against Slavery
Abraham Lincoln : ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’
Abraham Lincoln : Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln : ‘With malice toward one’ (4)
Mark Twain : On America’s ‘Gilded Age’

Disraeli : Attack on Peel
Disraeli : Attack on Gladstone (2)
Disraeli : On the Congress of Berlin

Gladstone : Attack on Disraeli
Gladstone : On the rights of the savage
Gladstone : Against the Zulu War
Gladstone : Opening the Home Rule debate (4)

Lord Randolph Churchill: Attack on Gladstone
Lord Randolph Churchill: On Tory democracy (2)

Charles Stewart Parnell: Call for a restored Irish Parliament
Keir Hardie : Attack on the future Edward VIII
Edward VII : Eulogy on Queen Victoria

Teddy Roosevelt : ‘Square Deal’
Teddy Roosevelt : ‘The Man in the arena’ (2)

F.E.Smith : Maiden speech as MP

Lloyd George : ‘Mr Balfours’s poodle’
Lloyd George : On the cost of dukes and dreadnoughts
Lloyd George : Agadir Crisis
Lloyd George : On the UK entering World War I
Lloyd George : To the American Club, London
Lloyd George : Rebuttal of charges of UK responsibility for World War I
Lloyd George : ‘Land fit for heroes’
Lloyd George : ‘Murder by the throat’
Lloyd George : Attack on Chamberlain (9)

Woodrow Wilson : ‘Too Proud to fight’
Woodrow Wilson : The Fourteen Points (2)

Leon Trotsky : On German-Russian peace talks
Leon Trotsky : Salute to the Red Army (2)

Lenin : On Communists joining the British Labour Party

Sir Oswald Mosley : Resignation speech
Albert Einstein : Wonders of science
Stanley Baldwin : ‘Faith, Hope, Love and Work’
Stanley Baldwin : ‘The bomber will always get through’
Stanley Baldwin : On the Abdication (3)

George V : Christmas broadcast
Franklin Roosevelt : ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself
Franklin Roosevelt : ‘Four Freedoms’
Franklin Roosevelt : Declaration of war on Japan (3)

Haile Selassie : On the Italian invasion of Abyssinia
Edward VIII : Abdication broadcast
General Franco : On the Spanish Civil War
Neville Chamberlain : ‘Peace in our time’

Hitler : ‘My patience is exhausted’
Hitler : Against the British holding India (2)

Gandhi : Let the British quit India

De Gaulle : Broadcast rallying the Free French
De Gaulle : On the liberation of Paris (2)

Mussolini : On Italy’s role in World War II

Churchill : On British rule in India
Churchill : On the start of world War II
Churchill : ‘Blood, toil, tears and sweat’
Churchill : ‘Fight them on the beaches’
Churchill : ‘Their finest hour’
Churchill : ‘The Few’
Churchill : To the Allies
Churchill : On determination
Churchill : To the Canadian Parliament
Churchill : On Victory in Europe
Churchill : ‘The Iron Curtain’ (11)

Stalin : Riposte to Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech
General George Patton: To US GIs before D-Day
Laurence Olivier : Henry V to troops before Agincourt

Emperor Hirohito : On the A-Bomb
Emperor Hirohito : Apology for Japan’s waging war (2)

Sir Robert Menzies : ‘The Forgotten People’
Sir Robert Menzies : On Freedom of speech
Sir Robert Menzies : On Freedom of press (3)

Elizabeth II : Dedication to her people
Elizabeth II : first Christmas Broadcast (2)

Nehru : ‘Tryst with destiny’
Ben-Gurion : On the imminent foundation of Israel
Tito : On Yugoslavia’s split with the USSR
Adenauer : On the Western Allies and Germany

Nixon : Checkers speed
Nixon : On Watergate (2)

Khrushchev : Denunciation of Stalin
Mao : ‘Imperialism a paper tiger’
Harold Macmillan : “Winds of change’

Kennedy : Inaugural
Kennedy : ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ (2)

Castro : On the Bay of Pigs
Martin Luther King : ‘I have a dream’
Enoch Powell : ‘Rivers of blood’
Trudeau : Against separatist terrorists
Thatcher : ‘The lady’s not for turning’

Reagon : ‘Evil empire’
Reagon : On the Challenger space shuttle disaster
Reagon : ‘Tear down this wall’ (3)

Johan Paul II : On a free Poland
Jesse Jackson : ‘Keep hope alive’ (2)

Nelson Mandela : ‘Let freedom reign’
Diana Princess of Wales: ‘Time and Space’

Tony Blair : ‘People’s Princess’
Tony Blain : Valedictory (2)

Lord Spencer : Funeral speech on Diana
John Howard : On the centenary of Australia’s federation
Colonel Tim Collins : To troops about to invade Iraq
George W Bush : ‘Axis of Evil’
Barack Obama : ‘We have more work to do’
Rudy Giuliani : At the 2004 Republican Convention
Hillary Clinton : On abortion
David Cameron : Conservative leadership bid
Harold Pinter : Nobel Literature Prize acceptance
Gordon Brown : On nine years of Labour government