An Introduction to Hindu Culture - Ancient & Medieval

An Introduction to Hindu Culture - Ancient & Medieval

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Author: Swami Harshananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 172
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Man's innate spirit - the personification of life, energy and consciousness - has always been goading him to rise above nature by struggling against it and not by being in conformity with it. It is this struggle that results in his progress. This progress can be in two directions: external and internal. External progress leads to a better standard of living, i.e.. Civilization. Internal progress on the other hand, results in greater refinement of the whole personality, i.e., culture.

Civilization and culture do not necessarily go together. Nor are they mutually exclusive. They can be elegantly harmonized, provided one knows the relative proportions in combining them. This is exactly what the ancient rsis or sages of India did when they administered or guided the great kingdoms of their times.

Records of ancient and medieval history of our country as given by the foreign travelers and other foreigners bespeak not only of a high degree of civilization but also of culture as revealed in their account of appreciation of our people's deep devotion to truth and ingrained honesty. This had been possible solely because the ancient and the medieval Hindus of India never forgo that dharma - ethical values - and adhyatmavidya - spirituality - were the centre of gravity of their life.


Elegance and depth of scholarship mark this work which could be the finest of its kind on the exposition of the greatness and appeal of the Hindu culture, down the ages from the Vedic times. It is also an overwhelmingly inspirational work of the class which kindles and rekindles the Indian pride in the Hindu nationality and heritage, vibrant and unsurpassed for its content and universality.
- Bhavan's Journal

This is one of the few books published these days which can be said to be fully worth the price and even more. Although it is called an "Introduction" and not a full-fledged treatment of the subject, it must be said that it is more comprehensive than most introductions are and conveys information and guidance with rare clarity and simplicity, as well as comprehensiveness.
- The Hindu


Samskrti or Culture
Religion and Philosophy
Hindu Scoeity
Hindu Educational System
Hindu Political Institutions
Hindu Economics
Hindu Judicial System
Contribution of the Hindus to Science
Hindu Fine Arts and Music
Hindu Culture Outside India
A Select Bibliography