In the Witches'  Cauldron

In the Witches' Cauldron

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Author: Gajindar Singh
Publisher: AUTHOR
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 180
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


In his book "Lest we the Sikhs go Astray", Gajindar Singh drew the attention of the community to the conflicting perceptions and practices, under the influence of lingering superstitions and traditions of the ancient religions and the impact of their Agma and Nigma theories, which have had a lasting influence on the social and ritualistic traditions of India. These trends were sought to be corrected as per the revelations of Sikhism. The intent and purpose of that book was well received and appreciated by the scholarly and the lay readers.

The present volume is a corollary to the same thesis, an Endeavour to delineate the truth as visioned by Guru Nanak and the illustrious succeeding Gurus and as revealed to the Sikhs by their distinct creative objectivity, disregardful of the points of view of the tradition of the old schools of religions and philosophy.



Two Words
Fabricating Myths
Conversing with God
Gurmat Culture
Wheels Within
Passion in Love
The Trigunas and Turiyavastha
Achieving Heights
Antim Ardas
Of Truth
Play of Emotions
Efficacy of Prayer
Pros & Cons
In the Witches' Cauldron