Mystique Magic Miracle

Mystique Magic Miracle

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Author: Gajindar Singh
Publisher: AUTHOR
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 182
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788190299688


In this book the author takes off to a world of Mystery in the shrouded depth of mind. This book is designed to reveal the entire spectrum of belief in the supernatural which has bound man in age old shackles of blind faith in totem and taboo and to liberate the soul to fly freely, unhindered in the open sky of human Endeavour.

Gajindar Singh has authored a trilogy titled "Lest We the Sikhs Go Astray", "In the Witches' Cauldron" and " The Armchair Sikh", on the What, How and Why of the spiritual quest. He has written on the theme of "A God Made to Order" to demolish the wide spread misconceptions on the subject. Here in this book, he presents a perspective unique in its catholicity of the matter.


Clear articulation in impeccable style
- Dr. Kharak Singh, Editor, Abstracts of Sikh Studies

Illustrates the scholarship of the learned author in comparative religion, psychology, ph9losophy and current affairs.
- Dr H S Virk, Critic, The Sikh Review

Beautifully written book, a must read for all
- Harbir K Singh
Critic, The Tribune, Chandigarh

An admirable effort
- Saran Singh, IAS (Retd), Editor, The Sikh Review

Done yeoman service towards the cause of Sikhism
-Tarlochan Singh, Member of Parliament



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