Mother or The New Species  -   II

Mother or The New Species - II

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Author: Satprem
Publisher: Mira Aditi
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 550
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185137978


We are not at the end of civilization but at the end of a cycle in the geological or paleontological sense. “Man is a transitional being,” said Sri Aurobindo. Indeed this transition from the human species to another species is the question of our time. How does one work out the transition to a new species? How does one create a new species?

What is the nature of such a physiological transformation, and hence what is the nature of Matter itself, on which and in which we seem to move as if forever bound to some inescapable rut ratified by every certified scientist? But these are the scientists of a certain species. In the deep caves of Mexico, beneath their sheet of muddy water, certain little axolotls, like larvae, have lived and reproduced for centuries.

When suddenly moved into another milieu, they are transformed into salamanders or amblystomas. What becomes of the laws of the axolotls? What would happen if a somewhat “prescient” axolotl saw the next “milieu” and tried, in its own flesh and in the midst of the other recalcitrant and merciless little axolotls, to leave the cave and effect the transformation? And what if it discovered that Matter is not what the axolotls think it is, that the laws of life are not what the axolotls think they are, and that ultimately even “death” is not the opposite of axolotlian life but something else which is neither life nor death, but an “overlife,” the milieu of the next species?

This fabulous experience was Sri Aurobindo’s secret, and it is Mother’s secret. Why did Sri Aurobindo leave his body? Why did Mother leave? Where are they, and what is happening? Could there be already here, on earth, another “milieu” trying to pierce through our layers of mud and to propel us by force into a new world?


Part One

That Great Gaze
The New Species
A Universal Beginning
The Supramental Descent
The Supramental World
A Veil
Krishna in Gold
The Triple End

Part Two

The Forest
The Other Side of the Veil
The Mind’s Magic
The Infiltration
The Paths of Universalization
The Mechanism of the Contagion
The First Exit from the Web or The New Type
The Body is Everywhere !
But Where is Death?
The Changing of Time
False Matter
The Change of Functioning
Cellular Level
The New Perception
The True Earth
The Transformation of the World
The Miracle of the Earth