Sri Mahalakshmi Mantropasana    (Music CD)

Sri Mahalakshmi Mantropasana (Music CD)

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Author: Suchitra Krishnamoorthy
Publisher: Geethanjali
Year: 2007
Language: Sanskrit
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CD SA 094


Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi is the bestower of megaluck; material property, wealth and divine wisdom to all her devotees.

The mystical formula in the form of mantras discovered by our Rishis to grace and favour of Mahalakshmi has time tested efficacy. Any mantra gain impetus only when it is repeated several times with one pointed devotion and concentration on the spell. But, a perfect diction alone can bring about the salutary effect of the mantra.

This CD renders Mahalakmi Mantra, the Bijaksharas of which are scientifically plaited covering all the manifestation of Lakshmi

The hearing of this compact disc in meditative mood is meant to fetch excellent benefits from the Goddess of fortune, Mahalakshmi.