HariKatha - Samartha Ramdas' Contribution to the Art of Spiritual Story -Telling

HariKatha - Samartha Ramdas' Contribution to the Art of Spiritual Story -Telling

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Author: I P Meera Grimes
Publisher: Indica Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186569766


Harikatha is the exposition of a religious theme. usually the life of a saint or a story from one of India's scriptural texts. Its purpose is to spread the devotion to the divine. Harikatha is a composite art containing story telling, poetry, music, drama, dance and philosophy. Any story about God, or scriptural incidents, or about saints, who are the living exemplars for the existence of God, is an appropriate subject matter for Harikatha.

The greatness of the Harikatha lies in the fact that it provides one of the easiest paths, if not the easiest path, to attaining lasting happiness and peace. Listening to stories about Divinity and divine individuals subtly makes the mind attached to, and permeated by Divinity. As one continues to listen to the stories of the Divine, one becomes pure in thought, word and deed. As well, it cultivates one's power of concentration and drives away doubt from a wavering mind. Not only does a katha please a listener, as other fine arts do but it also comforts the mind and elevate the soul of the listener. Thus as it entertains and it enlightens.


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