India and China  -  Comparing the Incomparable

India and China - Comparing the Incomparable

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Author: Vishnu Saraf
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 157
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0230634494


India and China are often described as ‘Asia’s unidentical twins’. They are two unique countries with different histories and contrasting models of development. The usual comparison between these two countries takes into account only a few selected economic parameters and is biased in favour of China. This book aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the Indian and Chinese economies and demystify various myths surrounding them.

There are voluminous reports and books available on each of the topics that are covered in this book, but they are generally restricted to researchers, academicians and scholars. On the other hand, there are thousands of articles comparing India and China, which give a glimpse of the two countries but leave a reader wanting more. India and China: Comparing The Incomparable aims to strike a balance and provide a more complete picture by comparing India and China across a wide range of economic and developmental parameters.
India and China: Comparing the Incomparable analyses the advantages and disadvantages of different models of growth adopted by India and China.

The book:
• Presents a comprehensive comparison of China and India on a variety of dimensions using the most recent data
• Captures the debates around the sustainability of the development models of the two countries
• Provides a broad perspective on the ongoing economic reform processes in the two countries
• Rectifies the superficial analysis that is often carried out to compare the two economies
• Addresses issues of common interest such as, ‘Why are Chinese exports cheap and will they always remain cheap?’, ‘Is the Chinese currency undervalued?’, ‘Can India overtake China?’, etc
• Does not involve heavy jargon or complicated modes, which makes it accessible to a large readership


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Introduction - Why India? Drivers for Future Growth Structure of the Book


FDI: Is a Panacea
Glittering CitiesGDP Growth: What Lies Beneath
GDP Growth :Can India Catch Up?
Booming Exports: What Fuels China's Export Engine?

CAN INDIA OVERTAKE CHINA? - India's Distinctive Advatnages

The Demographic Effect: Past Failure is Equal to Future Success?
Sturdy Private Sector: India's Answer to FDI
Sound Capital Market: Foundation of the Financial Sector

India's Soft Infrastructure vs China's Hard Infrastructure

Can India Falter in Turning its Dream into Reality?

Crumbling Infrastructure
Inefficient Tax System
Inept Bureaucracy
Balooning Fiscal Deficit

Lessons for India
Lessons for China
Two Different Models of Growth
The Future Beckons India and China

Is the Chinese Currency Undervalued?

History of the Yuan
Indicators of Undervaluation of the Chinese Cuyrrency
Implications of High Reserves
Does China Need Such a High Level of Forex Reserves?
Why China Should Revalue its Currency?
Pressure on the Chinese Government to Revalue
The Yuan Since 2005