Political and Incorrect - The Real India, Warts and All

Political and Incorrect - The Real India, Warts and All

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Author: Tavleen Singh
Publisher: HarperCollins
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 313
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172237127


This volume is history as first draft, written not in hindsight but as events unfolded against the backdrop of a nation's transformation. It captures the country's mood and its politics over these two decades and highlights the things that do not change. Such as politicans and bureaucrats, and their self-srving ways. There is, besides, her take on subjects as different as freedom runs by Gucci Gandhians, durbar intrigues at the centre of power and the religious divide in Gujarat. It is a record too of mizzed opportunities and misplaced priorities, so that some of the old eternals - health care, education, poverty - remain pretty much as they were, or are in worse shape.

Political columns used to be a matter of pompous comment.Tavleen Singh made her column a direct dialogue with the reader, one that could make the politicain seem as familiar as the man next door, and the issues at stake accessible and clear. In doing she makes these two decades and the people who feature come alive even to one who is not familiar with either. And reminds us that, for all the progress on many fronts, the real battle remains ahead, making Zpolitical and Incorrect both riveting history and a primer on the future.


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