Chasing The Monsoon

Chasing The Monsoon

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Author: Alexander Frater
Publisher: Penguin
Language: English
Pages: 273
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0140105166


An original, wonderfully entertaining and convincing account of an ambitious and unusual journey in pursuit of the monsoon, all the way up the Indian subcontinent.

This book is largely an anthology of the information, advice, help, anecdotes and stories proffered by countless people throughout India. These shaped and dictated author's journey.

Alexander Frater's book is a wonderful amalgam of the beauty, strength, untamed power, frightening ferocity and the gentleness of the monsoon rains that nourish our lives and the life of our nation. - Financial Express

It ranks with James Cameron's Indian Summer as a potential classic of gravel-writing on India. - India Today

What is so good about Frater's writing is how believable he has made . . India . . Here's a writer India and Indian readers would welcome again and again. - Indian Review of Books

Frater, the modern day Marco Polo, has managed to uncover the subcontinent's love-hate relationship with the monsoon. A travelogue as refreshing as a downpour after a long spell. - Aside

Indians will read the book with profit and learn more about their country. - Sunday

A travelogue that is as amusing as it is informative. - Indian Express

Frater has produced an uncommonly readable book. - Independent.