My Years in a Pakistani Prison

My Years in a Pakistani Prison

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Author: Kishorilal Sharma
Publisher: Lancer Publishers
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 224
ISBN/UPC (if available): 097617448


He was called for his service to the motherland. He reciprocated immediately. Giving up all familial relationships, he partook in a rigorous training programme that was a true test of his heart, body, mind and soul. Fighting off his cowardly hopes of quitting the organization so as to avoid the ordeal, he was finally made battle ready.

Slipped into enemy territory, his espionage attempts met with complete success. However luck soon turned against him, as during his third mission he was seized by the enemy camp and imprisoned. He was subjected to absolute third degree torture and only miraculously, and albeit divinely, escaped the contours of death on more than one occasion.

But he continued to strive towards seeing his own country once again. He looked forward to coming back home. And one day, God gave him that chance. He returned to the border once again, so that he could be united with his fellow countrymen.

Was the welcome given to him befitting that of a hero? Or even if not a hero's welcome, certainly he need not have been treated like a blackguard, a traitor!

Who was he after all - a Spy, or a Soldier?