Supreme Dictionary:       English - English - Tamil

Supreme Dictionary: English - English - Tamil

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Author: D Gnanasundaram
Publisher: Sura Books
Year: 2005
Language: multilingual
Pages: 1184
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172542720


A dictionary is a lasting companion to all, be it a learner or a scholar, a good dictionary is indispensable. We come to it again and again; from time to time, we refer, perceive, ponder and pause. It is something we like to possess, an undiminishing treasure we like to draw from again and again.

No doubt we have, here too, an umpteen number of books each laying large claims for superiority. But looks and claims are not worth a blade of grass. The proof is always in its usefulness.

And so we claim that this dictionary does not belong to that brood you find everywhere. It is something different, like a stallion kept for a definite purpose; a class in itself. You have everything here you expect in a good dictionary – extending to more than 100 pages in demy octavo size encompassing nearly 15000 primary words and more than 70,000 derivative words – every word with its syllabification and phonetic transcription both in English and Tamil, with its part of speech and varied meanings and with all its derivatives. Words that are likely to baffle the reader in sense or structure are illustrated with good examples. But the crowning feature is the translation, the Tamil rendering of every word with its connotations and denotations, in good modern popular Tamil – something that not merely enlightens, but exhilarates you, as well.

We have included a lot of words relating to computer hardware and software. The meanings of many words have been given pictorial explanations.

We hope and trust that this great dictionary too, like our English– English–Tamil dictionary will soon become equally popular and benefit all – the connoisseur and the careerist alike.

Salient features of this New Supreme English-English-Tamil Dictionary:
1. The only dictionary of this kind to have both English and Tamil
Pronunciations with clear notations.

2. More than 70,000 words. The Meanings of modern words such as
‘Tsunami’ explained.

3. Use of words in sentences to bring out the exact meaning of words.

4. Digital printing for clarity.

5. Appendix of about 200 pages.



Abbreviations used in this Dictionary

Key to the Phonemes


All Phonemes at a Glance


English Words often Confused
Warm up your Vocabulary
Weird Words
Botanical & Zoological Names
Sounds of Animals and Birds
Sounds of other things
Scientific subjects (Science, Studies & Arts)
English Proverbs & equivalent Tamil Proverbs
Degrees of Comparison
Figures of speech
Scientific terminology
Foreign Words and Meanings