Confluences: Indian Women Indian Goddesses

Confluences: Indian Women Indian Goddesses

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Author: Nishi Chawla
Publisher: Indialog Publications
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 112
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8184430183


In these fifty odd poems, Nishi Chawla has tried to use broad-brush strokes in order to convey her own raw impressions and experiences of Indian women and Indian goddesses. That the poems are vignettes may lead the reader to focus on a possibility: the face of a goddess conjoined with that of an ordinary woman, thus humanizing one and elevating one or the other. The poems also make us see connections and parallels between the lives and experiences of Indian women and Indian goddesses.

In writing poems on such a broad subject and scope, the poet can only hope to make her own kind of contribution to rethinking mythologies and poeticizing their present relevance. Some of the poems here attempt to offer lyrical and contemplative links to social constructions of gender. Others reach out to connect Indian women within the current globalizing web and impetus.

However, in her own words, every poet and every writer has his or her own agenda. Nishi Chawla has hers. This is to paint poems.