Manifesto Against Progress

Manifesto Against Progress

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Author: Agustin Lopez Tobajas
Translator(s)/ Edito: Leslie F. Cadavid
Publisher: Indica Books
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186569782


Born with the Industrial revolution, the idea of ‘Progress’ is a basic dogma in the ideology of modernity. Despising old religions as superstitions, worship of material ‘progress’ has become the new religion of the world. But, behind its bright face, so-called ‘progress’ and what came in its wake has thrust humanity into the core of a deep crisis. Science and technology continuously devise new ways of destruction that keep the world in a state of permanent danger; economic development condemns whole countries to utter poverty; art has renounced any search for meaning; ecologic catastrophes are a matter of routing; violence increases everywhere and human beings feel a growing dissatisfaction and emptiness in their lives. Where then is progress?

The nature of a manifesto is to create a direct impact on the reader by ushering in clear and forceful ideas without diluting them with secondary considerations. The author presents here a strong case to dismiss so-called progress and to cut asunder the allurement that it still may have for many of us. In this short but incisive, discerning, sarcastic, caustic, radical and uncompromising text, the author searches for the real face of modernity and progress behind its gleaming wake-up and dares to declare for all that would hear that “the King is naked”. His judgment is clear-cut and categorical: from the spiritual point of view, which sees man as God-bound, so-called ‘progress’ is an unmitigated disaster.


Preface to the Indian edition


The Progressivist Belief

Rupture with the Cosmos



Economic Development

The Cultural Order: Art and Literature

The Political Order; Democracy

Religion: Between social Ethics and
Flaccid Spiritualism

Nature: Ecologism and the Ecological Crisis

The Sexual Revolution: Feminism

Ways of Life

The Fall of Babylon

Exiling Oneself from the Exile