Child Rights in India - Law, Policy and Practice

Child Rights in India - Law, Policy and Practice

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Author: Asha Bajpai
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 509
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195670825


This comprehensive, timely, and analytical book is a storehouse of valuable information about the state of child rights in India. In an introduction specially written for the second edition, Asha Bajpai brings the work up to date on developments since its original publication. She discusses significant changes in the law including those brought about by the Prohibition of Sex Selection Act, 2003, the directions by the Supreme Court of India for its implementation, and the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children Amendment) Act, 2005.

Proposed amendments in the law including the Prevention of Child Marriage Bill, 2004, the Right to Education (Draft) Bill, 2005 and the Offences Against the Child Bill, 2006 are reviewed by her. She shows how India is moving in the direction of the standards set by inter- national law, though lacunae remain, and monitoring and enforcement remain important issues.

This book is indispensable for scholars and students of child rights, human rights, criminal justice, lawyers, NGOs, journalists, policymakers, and development institutions.

' The book has the magic of waking up civil society, NGOs, and policy makers… Asha Bajpai has dealt very effectively with a gamut of issues.'
- The Hindu

' The author's legal background stands her in good stead in the selection and use of case-law material. …The book can be of value as a reference work for activists and researchers.'
- Economic and Political Weekly

' This book is a bridge between academics and NGOs.'
- YUVA, Mumbai

'…Substantive chapters address central issues in child rights in India. Much is to be gained by a careful reading …'
- Journal of South Asian Studies


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Introduction to the Second Edition




1. Rights of The Child - an Overview

2. Right to Family Environment: Adoption and
Other Non-Institutional Services

3. Right to Parental Care: Custody and Guardianship

4. Right against Economic Exploitation - Child Labour

5. Right to Protection against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

6. Juvenile Justice: Administration and Implantation

7. Right to Development

8. Right to Survival: Health, Nutrition, and Shelter

9. Making Child Rights a Reality

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