My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir

My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir

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Author: Jagmohan
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 845
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170235715


In many respects this is the first detailed honest and forthright narration of the series of lapses and blunders which have led to the present situation.

It is a highly fascinating book which analyses, in the perspective of history the tumultuous events of the author's two terms of governorship the most sensitive and strategic Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir.

With his deep insight into the fundamental issues involved, the author lays bare the roots that lie embedded in the 'soft' and 'permissive' attitude of the Indian State, in the habit of nursing illusions instead of facing stark realities, in the politics of deception and duplicity, in administrative infirmities and public corruption, in disintegrative constitutional relationship, and in the overall dynamics of negative forces. The brutal face of terrorism and pattern of subversion are sketched vividly.

The author describes the confusion and contradictions of the Indian political scene, and also subjects the webs of distortions, woven by superficial minds or vested interests, to a searching cat-scan. He forcefully argues that the critical challenge in Kashmir can be met only by a reformed and rejuvenated India, with a new vision and a practical insight into ground-level realities.

The book has already undergone seven reprints, and has been translated/published in Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Malayalam, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali, Gujrati, Punjabi , Assamese and under translation in other Indian languages.


It is a brilliant work, written with verve which derives its power from author's addiction to truth. -Mulk Raj Anand in Business & Political Observer

The abiding value of the book lies in raising larger and fundamental issues of Indian polity and society which the country would have to face squarely. - Nancy Jetly in Sunday Times

It is a work of monumental proportion and of great archival and historical importance. Jagmohan has a mass of background information and documentary evidence to support his thesis. - V N Narayanan, Editor, The Hindustan Times

It is a great book indeed, and it tells me much more about Kashmir than I ever learnt from any other place. -Michael Foot, British MP

On the controversy over Article 370 of the Constitution, Jagmohan opens a new viewpoint. No ex-Governor has written so bitterly before, nobody has examined the malady of Kashmir more minutely arraigned so many high-ups, packed so much of political dynamite in one book. - Punyapriya Dasgupta in Deccan Herald

Outpourings of a troubled, sensitive and dynamic mind . . . Should be treated as a reference book on Kashmir. - S Sahay in The Hindustan Times.

Awesomely documented book. He has minced no words about the indifference and incompetence and worse of Indian political leaders of all hues. - Bhabani Sen Gupta in The Hindustan Times

The disclosures about corruption at the highest levels of the State administration and the vivid accounts of the politics of systematic deception leave one breathless. - K R Sunder Rajan in The Pioneer