The Naxal Challenge

The Naxal Challenge

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Author: P V Ramana
Translator(s)/ Edito: P V Ramana
Publisher: Pearson Longman
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 240
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8131704068


What would be the parameters of comprehensive and viable strategy to deal with the persisting and geographically spreading Naxalite violence?

Should there be a common political approach at the national level or should it be left to the political leadership of the affected states?

What are the characteristics of a successful political, economic and social approach?

How does one deal with the external aspect of this problem?

For collective introspection over these questions, and to try to find some solution, the Observer Research foundation organized, in January 2005, a two-day workshop under the auspices of its Chennai chapter. This workshop was coordinated by Dr P V Ramana, an acknowledged expert on the issue of Naxalite violence.

The papers in this book examine the social and economic causes of the Naxalite movement, the political bases of the Naxalites, their external links, and the viability of a political approach to resolve the Naxalite problem. There is also an insightful discussion on the Maoist people’s war in Nepal.

For the uninitiated, this book is educative; for policy-makers, it offers useful suggestion; to journalists and academia, it introduces several new facets of this issue.



Foreword by B Raman


The Naxal Movement: A Realistic Approach
D Raja

The Trajectory of the Movement
K.P. Singh

Roots and Causes: The Case of Jharkhand

Roots and Causes: The Case of Dandakaranya
Ruchir garg

A Political Approach to the Naxalite Problem:
Viability and Prerequisites for Success
M. Shashidhar Reddy

Political Bases and dimensions of the Naxalite Movement
Sanjay K. Jha

Approaches to the Naxalite Movement
V. K. Padmanabhan

Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary
Strategies o the Naxalites and the State
K. Srinivas Reddy

The Naxalite movement: Impact of External Networking
S. Gopal

The Maoist web: An overview
P.V. Ramana

Maoist insurgency in Nepal; An Overview
Krishna Hachhethu

1. Press Statement Announcing the
Founding of the CPI (Maoist)
2. The first-ever Joint Interview of the
General Secretaries of the Erstwhile
CPI (ML) [PW] and (MCCI)
3. Organizational Hierarchy:
Communist Party of India (Maoist)
4. Current Trends in Naxalism
Naxal-affected States and Districts in India

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