Ancient India

Ancient India

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Author: V D Mahajan
Publisher: S Chand & Company
Year: 2007/2009
Language: English
Pages: 860
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8121908876


In this thirteenth Edition, the first chapter dealing with historical writing on India, geographical features of India, effect of geography on the history of India and the fundamental unity of India has been completely re-written.

The chapter on the Dravidians has also been re-written with a lot of new information.

The chapter on the Harappa Culture has been re-written completely and brought up to date. The latest information on the subject has been included.

The chapters on the Mauryan Administration, Culture and Civilisation during the Mauryan Age, Social, Religious, Economic and Cultural Condition in Post-Mauryan Times, Social and Cultural Conditions of Northern India between 650 and 1000 AD and Republics in Ancient India, have been re-arranged and put in their proper places.


The Pre-Historic People
Pre-Historic Races and Cultures in India
The Dravidian
The Harappa Culture
The Aryans
The Vedic Literature
Rig-Vedic India
Later Vedic Civilization
The Age of the Sutras
The Epic Age
The Age of the Dharam Sastras
The Cast System
Ancient Indian Polity
Condition of Northern India from 6th to 4th
Century BC
The Rice of Magadha
India and Persia
Alexander’s Invasion of India
Chandragupta Maurya and Bindusara
The Mauryan Administration
Culture and Civilisation during the Mauyan Age
The Sungas and Kanvas
Social, Religious, Economic and Culural condition in
Post-Mauryan Times (187 BC. To 320 AD)
The Satavahanas or Andhras
The Bectrian Greeks in India
The Sakas and Pahlavas
Rise and fall of the Kushana Empire
India and the Western World
The Nagas
The Gupta Empire
India during the Gupta Age
Ajanta, Ellora, Amravti and Nagarjunakonda
The Vakatakas
Harsha-Vardhana and His Times
Northern India after Harsha
Social and Cultural condition of Northern India
The Rashtrkutas
The Chalukyas
The Pallavas
The Cholas
The tripartite struggle for Supremacy
The Pandyas
Greater India
Buddhist Art
The Sangam Age
Constitution of south India to Indian culture
Republic in Ancient India

Appendix: Modern Historians of Ancient India

Chronological Tables