Renderings from Ghalib  [Urdu+English]

Renderings from Ghalib [Urdu+English]

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Author: Prema Johari
Publisher: Ghalib Institute
Year: 1996
Language: English
Pages: 63
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Another excellent translation of selected Urdu verses of Ghalib into English. In all this book contains 118 couplets from 32 Ghazals.

Author's transcreations are fascinating. For one thing, it is not a literal translation; yet it retains fidelity to the text. It is said that translation is like a woman. If she is faithful, she is not beautiful; if she is beautiful, she is not faithful. Author's translation is an exception; it is both beautiful and faithful.

Another distinguishing feature of this translation is that it is in rhyme. Those who have made a deep study of poetry of both the languages, would realize how difficult it is to fit Urdu Ghazal into a rhyme patern in English. It is to the author's credit that she has bound herself by a rhyme scheme and yet preserved the underlying inner spirit and haunting beauty of Ghalib's verses.