Hindu Tenets - Eleven Commandments of the Hindu Way of Life

Hindu Tenets - Eleven Commandments of the Hindu Way of Life

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Author: J Agarwal
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 214
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-223-0975-5


This is the story of the religiosity of the ancient Aryan race of people who lived in their homeland called the Aryavarta or Bharata or India (now) from the most prehistoric times in the history of human civilisation, and their way of life called the Vedic Dharma, which forms the heart and soul of the present day Hindu Dharma or Hinduism. The general reader from any part of the world will find this small book to be quite informative about one of the most widely practiced and living religions of all times.

Hindu Tenets is meant for those keen minds of a rejuvenating India who are professionally trained in the modern western way. It gives them a glimpse and feel of the Vedic Hindu Philosophy of life, how it evolved, developed and proliferated down south the Himalayas in the East, and also the way it stood so firm during the most testing times in the history of the world.

This book lists the eleven principles on which the Vedic Hindu Dharma rests till today. They may be called the Eleven Tenets — the founding doctrines of Hinduism — to give the entire picture in a very concise form. The most significant among them are: belief in one Supreme Being, in His revealed wisdom in the shape of the Vedas; in the great law of Karma or Action; in the theory of Reincarnation of the soul; and belief in the legacy of the great Rishis of the bygone days, who are the guiding force in the lives of Indians even today.


Part-I: Historical Brief

1. Introduction
2. Some of the World’s Known and Living Faiths / Religions
3. Social Reforms Movement and Hindu Awakening
4. Vedic Spiritualism vis-à-vis Science and Technology
5. Migration of Aryans to India - Cradle of Human Civilisation
6. The Science of Creation and Annihilation of the Universe

Part-II: Eleven Commandments

The Founding Doctrines of Vedic Hindu Dharma

Doctrine-1: Belief in the Three Shashvat Sattas or the
Vedic Law of Trinity
Doctrine-2 : Belief in the Eternal Vedas and other Holy Scriptures
Doctrine-3 : Belief in the Six Bhartiya Darshans
Doctrine-4 : Belief in the Great Law of Karma
Doctrine-5 : Belief in the Theory of Reincarnation
Doctrine-6 : Belief in Dharma, Artha,Kama and Moksha
Doctrine-7 : Belief in the Principles of Varna Vyavastha and
Ashram Vyavastha
Doctrine-8 : Belief in the Principles and Efficacy of the 16 Sanskars
Doctrine-9 : Belief in the Panch-Mahayajna
Doctrine-10: Belief in the Great Legacy of Vedic Rishis of India
Doctrine-11: Belief in the Daily Prayer


Appendix-I: Daily Prayer
Appendix-II: Some Valuable Precepts of Hindu Dharma
for Good Human Behaviour
Appendix-III: Glossary
Appendix-IV: References