The Yoga of Gita - Scriptural Guidelines

The Yoga of Gita - Scriptural Guidelines

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Author: Ram Shanker Tiwari
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122308503


The Bhagavad Gita is replete with universal wisdom and the techniques to attain this.

The Yoga of Gita contains the essence of this wisdom, the philosophy of creation and the Ultimate Reality, as revealed by Sri Krishna to Arjuna.

The book outlines the various paths for realisation. For the layman, the emphasis is on the Yoga of Action – acting without worrying about the rewards for our actions.

The book is a rendition of the 18 chapters, retold in simple language, with a brief account on Yoga and Meditation, which will ensure success, serenity, harmony and happiness for readers who follow these principles, finally leading to Salvation.

Some Glimpses:
Action is superior to the relinquishment of action.

To remove your sufferings unveil the knowledge by destroying ignorance about self.

The man with finite intelligence can comprehend infinite reality by an insight of the divine illusion.

The God-Principle is present in every creature of the Universe. Hence, we should not hurt any being or the environment.

Perform hard work but do not get entangled in the reward.



Some Contemporary Thinking

Chapter 1
The Horror of Life’s Problems

Chapter 2
Knowledge is Pivotal

Chapter 3
Action is the Method

Chapter 4
Self-perfection is the Technique

Chapter 5
Renounce and be Liberated!

Chapter 6
Meditation: The Quietude of Mind

Chapter 7
The Insight of Illusion: Gateway to Freedom

Chapter 8
Get in Touch with the Self: The Eternal Truth

Chapter 9
The Fire of Awareness

Chapter 10
Divine Glories: Empower Meditation

Chapter 11
The Infinite Cosmic Pattern

Chapter 12
Success Through the: Yoga of Devotion

Chapter 13
Fragrance of the: Conscious Supreme

Chapter 14
Inborn Attitudes: Gears of Progress

Chapter 15
Freedom and Bliss

Chapter 16
Let Divine Light Radiate!

Chapter 17
Evolve by Efforts and be Free

Chapter 18
Fearless, Doubtless, Perfect: and Blissful... You!


Appendix I

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