Man Against Myth

Man Against Myth

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Author: Barrows Bunham
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 298
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123750712


The publication of “Man Against Myth” in 1947 was received with critical acclaim and won high praise from some of the best minds of the time.

The book demolishes a series of deeply entrenched social myths such as the ‘Rich are fit and the poor unfit’: ‘There are superior and inferior races;’ and ‘You cannot be free and safe’. The perpetuation of such myths, the book argues, has been beneficial to the interests of a privileged few and has worked to justify inequality and impede human progress in society. Written with sensitivity and wit, Man Against Myth conveys a powerful message that continues to resonate in contemporary times.

“It is an instructive, amusing and courageous book whose success is most desirable in the public interest.”
-Albert Einstein


Foreword by Clarke Dunham

Foreword by Richard S. Dunham

Foreword by Robert Brett Dunham

Introduction by Randhir Singh

Preface to the 1962 Edition

1. Introduction: Myths and The Philosophers
2. That You Can’t Change human Nature
3. That the Rich Are Fit and The poor Unfit
4. That There Are Superior and Inferior Races
5. That There Are Two Sides to Every Question
6. That Thinking Makes It So
7. That You Cannot Mix art and Politics
8. That You Have to Look Out for Yourself
9. The all Problems Are Merely Verbal
10. That Words Will Never Hurt Me
11. That You Cannot Be Free and Safe