Horoscope Reading - Based on the famous Lal Kitab

Horoscope Reading - Based on the famous Lal Kitab

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Author: U C Mahajan
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 247
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788122306392


Astrology today is a tried and tested science, backed by analysis and interpretations in different parts of the world.

The role of zodiac signs and ascendants etc. - all the aspects of this discipline have been studied in depth by master astrologers.

But for the reader what makes the difference is the presentation and easy understanding of a complex subject.

This book happens to score over many other books on this topic because of its very presentation in a simple and straightforward style.

The volume has a unique format, making extensive use of tables, point-by-point elucidation, explanatory notes and analysis.

Backed by a thorough research on astrological texts in Urdu and English, the volume serves as a ready reckoner for self-learners:
1. What are the remedies for adverse star positions?
2. What makes for long or short lines?
3. How marital bliss is indicated in a particular chart?

Based on the famous Lal Kitab, the book includes -
1. Marriage matching
2. Career prospects
3. Health and happiness
4. Transfers and travels
5. Predictions about children..
6. Annual charts for 103 years

With the help of this book you can confidently peep into the future of your family, friends, and colleagues. A must for every serious student of astrology.

An outstandingly well-organised and methodically presented book. Each of the pages has been judiciously utilized to pack substance which beats thousands of books I have gone through on a wide variety of subjects. Only someone, who is gifted both at the art of teaching as well as the art of expression, could have produced such a delectable volume.


Basics of Astrology
Classifications of Planets
Houses with Raashis and Aspects
Casting a Horoscope
Mahadasha, Antardasha and Partantar
Annual Chart
Malefic Mars
Rahu and its significance in 12 Houses
Ketu and its significance in 12 Houses
Two planets in the same house
Sun combined with one more planets
Moon and another planet (Combined)
Venus and another planet (Combined)
Mars and another planet (Combined)
Mercury and another planet (Combined)
Saturn and another planet (Combined)
Rahu-Ketu and their relationship
Three planets combined
More than three planets combined
Panchayat of five planets
Professions connected with planets
Travels and transfers
Marriage and children
Planetary influence on human diseases
House, property, income, expenditure,
Monetary dealings etc.
Age of a person