101 Magic Tricks

101 Magic Tricks

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Author: Ivar Utial
B V Pattabhi Ram/
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 101
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122308872


Whether you have any specific talent or not, magic could be you key to success because entertainment is the weakness of every person. Magic not only ensures entertainment but also creates a fantasy full of mystery and astonishment for the audience. Magic can very easily ensure your special identity among relatives, friends, colleagues and peers.


Chameleon balloon
Pincushion balloon
Table of knives
Restored necklace
Secret-disclosing knife
Tear-able wand
Floating-ribbon cutter
Pencil tip detection
Colour-guessing fingers
Transferable marks
The moving mark
Obedient ball
Sliced whole banana
Ice cube-lifting string
Vanishing water glass
Disappearing-reappearing glass
Anti-gravity water glass
Rising-n-falling milk
Coin dropping trick
Rattling empty matchbox
Magically repieced matchstick
Head-turning matchstick
Nine is eight!
The un-cuttable thread
The captive bracelet
The rejoined rope
The roped bottle
Mind-reading numbers
Predicting totals
Blind reading
The age detector
Total magic
Uncanny addition
Pregnant dice
Dice reading
Transformed visiting card
Sealed queries answered
Bang-on prediction
The card locator
Random card locator
Magic card locator
Heaped-card locator
The ace trick
The deck trick
Magic total
Tricky number trap
The 6-9 trick
Gravity-defying glasses
Match magic
The balanced glass
Miracle sand
Magic liquid
The severed finger
Ash money
Telephone telepathy
Magic wand mystery
Tell tale cards
The red-n-black trick
Vanishing ring
Card confusion
The red-hot coin
Alpin magic
Dead or alive
Smoking fingers
Spot the card
Magic dice
Hanging ring
Vanishing words
Human combustion
Silver egg
Chosen object
Money matter
The match tricks
Date mate
The math’s wizard
The rising card
21-card trick
The obedient card
The blindfold on
Egg in the bottle
Rope a dope
The 15-9 trick
Magic whistle
The three-glass trick
The obedient pencil
Knifed bottle
Matchless moves
Knotted hankies
The palmed ring
Dead lead
The coin con
The marked key
Magic slate
The dancing clip