Virtuous Children     (Illustrated)

Virtuous Children (Illustrated)

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Gita Press
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 137
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812931083X


Obedience and benevolence are the priceless possessions of human life. These virtues make life elected and successful. These virtues make life elevated and successful. Therefore, they should be cultivated from childhood, so that children may become obedient to parents, teachers and elders and may be benevolent to others.

This book is the combined English version of the two Hindi books ‘Guru Aura Mata-Pita ke Bhakta Balaka’ and ‘Dayalu aura Paropakari Balaka-Balikaye’ consisting of the short stories depicting obedience and benevolence of boys and girls.


Siddhartha Kumara
Kind Mularaja
Abraham Lincoln’s Kindness
Kindness of an Orphan Boy
The Kind Boy, who save a Ship
A kind boy, who Sacrifices His Life to
Avoid Railway Accident
The boy who protected the villagers from
Being Drowned
Thomas Phip A Kind Boy
The Boy, who saved the Sinking ship
The Boy, who saved the Helpless Traveller
Ansarula Haue, a Kind Boy
The Boy, who Reciprocated Good for Evil
A Kind student
Kindness of an Imprisoned Boy
Kind and Intelligent Vitthala
The girl, who Helped an Old man
Grace, A Kind Girl
The Girl, who saved Railway Passengers
A Beneficent girl
A poor lame Boy’s Kindness
The student, who helped the Cart-Driver
Rama Rava, A Beneficent Boy
The Boy Aruni, Devoted to His Teacher
Upamanyu’s Devotion to his Teacher
Uttanka’s Devotion to His Preceptor
Ekalavya’s Devotion to His Preceptor
Princes’ Devotion to Their Teacher
Sri Ganeshaji
Four Boys, Devoted to father
Soma Sarma, Devoted to father
The Boy Sukarma, Devoted to father
The Boy Pippalada, Devoted to father
Sravana Kumara, Devoted to Parents
The Boy Bhisma, Devoted to Father
The Boy, who Sacrificed Life for His Mother
The, Devoted to His Mother
Fazal, Devoted to father
A Sailor son’s Devotion to his father
Ten year old Casabianca’s Devotion to father
Sanatana, A Worthy Son
The Girl, who sold her Teeth for Parents