Brave & Honest Children    (Illustrated)

Brave & Honest Children (Illustrated)

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Gita Press
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 138
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129310910


Honesty and truthfulness are precious ornaments in the life of human beings. The incidents of honesty and truthfulness of the persons like Socrates, Napoleon, Gopala Krishna Gokhale, and Queen Victoria etc. have beautifully been described in this book.

This book consisting of 42 stories is the combined English version of the two Hindi storybooks ‘Vira Balaka’ (Brave Boys) and ‘Sacce Aure Imannadara Balaka’ (True and Honest Children).


Brave Boys, Lave-Kusa
Brave Boy, Kuvalaysva
Brave Demon-boy, Barbarika
Brave Boy, Abhimanyu
Brave Boy, Bharata
Brave Boy, Skandagupta
Brave Boy, Canda
Brave Boy, Pratapa Who Kept Promise
Brave Boy, Badala
Brave Boy, Pratapa
Brave Boy, Rama Singh
Brave Fearless Boy, Sivaji
Brave Boy, Chatrasala
Brave Boy, Durgadasa
Brave Boy, Rathore
Brave Boy, Putta
Brave Boys, Ajita Singh and Jujhara Singh
Brave Boy, Prthvi Singh
Brave Boy, Jalima Singh
Brave Boy, King of Jerapur State
Boy, Socrates in Search of truth
Truthful napoleon who shared
Honesty of the Boy, Gokhale
Honesty of the Boy, Ranade in the Game
Truth of the Girl, Victoria
The Girl, Helena walker’s Fidelity to Truth
Viresvara Mukhopadhyaya’s Honesty
A True Boy who saved an Innocent Boy
George Washington’s Benevolence and truth in Boyhood
Truth of the Boy, Charley
The Boy who handed over Necklace to its Owner
The Boy who reformed others with His truth
An honest Poor Boy
Abdul Kadir, a True Boy
Honesty of a Beggar-boy
Honesty of a Boy
The Shepherd-boy who kept his Promise
A Labour-boy’s Honesty
Truth of a small Boy
An Honest Poor Boy
An Honest Boy, the Son to the Hotel-Owner
Truthfulness of the Vegetable-seller Boy
Truthfulness of a Boy Scout