Krantikaal (Bengali DVD with English Subtitles)

Krantikaal (Bengali DVD with English Subtitles)

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Author: Shilajit
Rupa Ganguly/
Director/Composer/Na: Sekhar Das
Publisher: Chacha Video
Year: 2007
Language: Bengali
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


Krantikaal is a contemporary fiction dealing with the most discussed topic of our time. Inside the place of a former princely state of India, time seems to have stood still. Confined in a quiet and once grand home, a one-time Maharaja and his now elderly son exist along with the daughter-in-law, a commoner and now divorced.

Into this stagnant atmosphere erupts the challenge of terror, as a ‘secessionist’ from North-Eastern part of India and a fugitive from the police intrudes into the palace in urgent need of refuge. He carries a frightening array of arms as well as an ideology that justifies violence as a means to a political end. But he also carries with him many unresolved questions which, in his critical encounter with the former royals, are brought into focus, and a reassessment of India’s secular-pluralist democracy is suggested. It is the princess-by-marriage, a woman with an exceptional intellect and immense moral strength, who evokes the essential qualities of Indian tradition that make India’s amazing pluralism viable: non-violence, tolerance, sacrifice and generosity. The lady’s convictions are remarkably persuasive, and a breath of self-criticism gets through a chink in the terrorist’s armour, But before he can resolve his new doubts, the last word is spoken by the instrumentalities of legal violence…

Rupa Ganguly, Shilajit, Saumitra Chatterjee, Haradhan Banerjee

Director: Sekhar Das

Story: Prafulla Roy

1. International Award for Best Director (Sekhar Das).
2. International Award for Best Actress (Roopa Ganguly).
3. National Award for Best Bengali Film 2004.
4. Asian and Special Jury Award for Luminous Performance
(Roopa Ganguly).
5. National Award for Best Supporting Actor (Haradhan Banerjee)
6. Signis Award for Best Film on True Human Values.