Subordinate Ally

Subordinate Ally

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Author: Prakash Karat
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187496731


India’s nuclear deal with the United States has raised a political storm in New Delhi. The Left parties have argued that the deal involves a quid pro quo, and seriously undermines India’s ability to pursue an independent foreign policy.

How does the deal fit in with a larger alliance between the two countries that covers economic, strategic, and military cooperation?
Will the deal satisfactorily address India’s energy needs, or will it lead to another Enron-type disaster?

How does the Hyde Act passed by the US Congress run counter to the assurances given by the Prime Minister to the Indian Parliament in August 2006?

What is the Defence Framework Agreement, and how has it led to steps like the Logistics Support Agreement and the Maritime Cooperation Pact?

Why have joint military exercises with the United States gone up sharply since 2005, and why is the Left opposed to these?

Should India partner the United States in its global ‘democracy’ enterprise?

Does the National Common Minimum Programme of the UPA government say anything about a strategic tie-up with the US?
How did the BJP-led NDA government seek to reverse the course of India’s foreign policy, and how has the Congress-led UPA government taken the process further?

Prakash Karat has tracked the shifts in India’s foreign policy and changes in the military and strategic architecture meticulously and consistently for several years. The present Signpost brings together his most important articles over a seven-year period, starting with the most recent. Forceful yet sober, this book makes a convincing case for a return to an independent foreign policy.


1. Implications of the India-US Strategic Alliance
2. Why We Oppose the Nuclear Deal
3. Why Avoid Sense of Parliament?
4. Apologia for pro-US Stance
5. Betrayal on Iran: Costs of India-US Partnership
6. UN Democracy Fund: Spreading Democracy a la Bush?
7. The Prime Minister’s US Visit
8. New Framework for the India-US Defence Relationship
9. Advani: Advocate for the FBI
10. Will the UPA Redefine India-US Relations?
11. Military and Security Cooperation and India’s Security
12. Covertly Forging Military Ties with the US
13. Unrequited Support to USA’s War
14. Growing Military Nexus with the US
15. Support to NMD: Accomplice to US Adventurism
16. Performing in the Emperor’s Court: Jaswant Singh in Washington
17. Dealing with the Bush Administration: Towards Capitulation?
18. Community of Democracies: India Joins America’s Ideological