The Proudest Day - India's Long Road to Independence

The Proudest Day - India's Long Road to Independence

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Author: Anthony Read
David Fisher/
Publisher: Pimlico
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 565
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0712661425


What Indians needed in their golden jubilee year was some good old personality-driven political history of the Raj and that is exactly what the authors have done.

A thoroughly splendid history of an exceedingly complicated subject. The authors review events before the 20th century at a brisk pace, as a prologue to the great drama spread across three quarters of their book and as the narrative proceeds towards the final act of midnight on 14 August 1947, so it becomes more scholarly.

The narrative goes beyond the chronicling of historical facts and assumes a quality of subtle story-telling. It is well-placed, intelligent and perceptive, scripted with a measure of assurance that bridges the best of fiction and non-fiction writing. The quality of writing - its pungency and sense of theatre - is matched by the rigorousness of the research . . .

One of the profound epic tales of modern world history. - - Financial Times


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In Quiet Trade
The Strangest of all Empires
The Moaning of the Hurricane
The Mildest Form of Government is Despotism
If Fifty Men Cannot be Found
The Gravity of the Blunder
No Bombs, No Boons
A Spontaneous Loyalty
An Indefensible System
God Bless Gandhi
A Himalayan Miscalculation
The Very Brink of Chaos and Anarchy
A Butchery of Our Souls
A Year’s Grace and a Polite Ultimatum
A Mad Risk
Civil Martial Law
The Empty Fruits of Office
The Congress Asked for Bread and it has Got a Stone
A Landmark in the Future History of India
A Post-dated Cheque on a Bank that is Failing
Leave India to God – or to Anarchy
The Two Great Mountains have Met –and not even a Ridiculous Mouse has Emerged Patriots not Traitors
We are on the Threshold of a Great Tragedy
If India Wants Her Blood-bath she shall have it
Possible New Horror Job
Plan Balkan
Thirteen Months Means Mischief to India
A Treaty of Peace without a War
A Tryst with Destiny


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