Defining Moments  -  A Memoir

Defining Moments - A Memoir

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Author: Rajendra Shekhar
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 263
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129112019


In this engaging memoir, Rajendra Shekhar, former Director of the CDI, strings together his personal experiences with professional incidents that shaped his life. Replete with poignant episodes, Defining Moments takes us with the author on the interesting voyage that has been his life, from Mayo College to St Stephen’s, from the State Police to the CBI.

Serving as a young SP in a district in Rajasthan, he was exposed to episodes as varied as communal riots and duplicitous sadhus. Rajendra Shekhar was Joint Director CBI, when the dreaded KCF terrorist ‘Jinda’, who had earned notoriety in the murder of Gen. Vaidya was apprehended.

Other than his professional life, Rajendra Shekhar has peppered the book with endearing characters that flit through the pages, perpetrating will-meaning indiscretions: from Mansukha to Masoom Alito Matron Rennie Tubbs, and, of course, “Amma” (the author’s mother), who is naïve enough to think that Eton is just a pile of bricks.

The unique aspect of this book is that it is full of delightful and unexpected incidents having a bearing on human interest. This touching tale of time gone by will strike a chord with its readers, as thy go along to discover the humane facet of a uniformed service otherwise known for its formal severe approach.




Mansukha to Mayo
Mayo-Patt I
Mayo-The Second Coming
Setback of the Laidback
Masoom Ali
Role Model
The Water Squad
The Interview
A Short Shaky Start
The Buck Has to Stop Somewhere
The Tunnel to God
Insha’allah-Phir Milenge
War Effort 1965
Happiness Quotient
Man with a Mission
Vaour and Greed
Man of Many Parts-Pyare Mian
Security Concerns
It’s Greatto Superannuate
The Thirty-year Span
Feel Good Factor