Shakespeare’s Daughter : And Other  Plays

Shakespeare’s Daughter : And Other Plays

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Author: C.D. Sindhu
Publisher: Writers Workshop
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 422
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181573285


The five plays in this volume represent the various aspects of Charan Dass Sidhu’s life and work. Originally staged in Punjabi/Hindi, these playwright himself. Bhajno and Saint Bantu enact the struggles and travails of villagers in Punjab. The College Will Remain Closed Tomorrow and Shakespeare’s Daughter portray characters from the urban middle class.

The education and careers of the young people are concerns nearest to Dr. Sidhu’s heart. Braving poverty and deprivation, Chjhinda and Pasho in Bhajno seem well set for a successful career. But Bihari and Satti of Saint Bantu succumb to the villainy of their landlord. A similar fate awaits Parmindar and Shamaa of the College Will Remain Close

Tomorrow. Kamala of Shakespeare’s Daughter is the only exception. She comes out triumphant in her fight against her tormentors. Indumanti and Satyuadev are set in ancient India. It seeks to present a study of Indian history, a dismal record of religious and caste conflicts over all the centuries. Idealistic young men and women like Satyadev and Indumati continue to be crucified till today-crucified by the devilish trinity of the power hungry politicians, callous capitalists and wily priest-craft.

These plays by the Sahitya Akademi Award winning playwright have been repeatedly staged to critical and public acclaim.



1. Bhajno

2. Saint Bantu

3. The College Will remain Closed Tomorrow

4. Shakespeare’s Daughter

5. Indumati and Satyadev