A Nation in Transition

A Nation in Transition

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Author: Jayshree Sengupta
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 296
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788171886241


Indian economic development is only five decades old. Its future course seems to be bright but uncertain. There are lots of good and impressive points about India's emergence as a prominent economic power and people in industrialized countries are taking note of these changes. India's huge middle class, that increasingly includes the rural well to do, are all aspiring for a higher standard of life for themselves and for their children. They are making their children seek better marks and learn new skills; they are doing their best in all walks of life to get ahead and catch up with global standards.

It is this middle class that is the driving force behind the great push forward that can make India great in the future. In this thrust forward, this book discusses the role of the government. But more importantly, the book aims at explaining the workings of the Indian economy, not to the 'initiated', but to the intelligent reader who is interested in knowing more about India's changing economic pattern. It aims at presenting the various intricacies of the Indian economic system simply and clearly.


1. India at a Glance: An Introduction
2. Population
3. Poverty
4. Urbanization
5. Colonial Legacy
6. Agriculture
7. Indian Planning
8. Industrial Growth
9. Infrastructure
10. Labour and Unemployment
11. Savings and Investment
12. Foreign Trade
13. The Financial System
14. The Capital Market
15. The Services Sector
16. The Fiscal Policies and Budgetary Finances
17. Role of the State and Centre-State Relations
18. The Social Sectors
19. Globalization and Economics of Environment
20. Economic Reforms and their Future
21. India and SAARC
22. Conclusion


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