Crystallized Memories - Award Winning Telugu Essays

Crystallized Memories - Award Winning Telugu Essays

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Author: Chekuri Rama Rao
Translator(s)/ Edito: M.V. Chalapthi Rao
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 275
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8126021632


Crystallized Memories is the translation of Chekuri Rama Rao’s
(b. 1934) Smriti Kinaknka. There are three parts in this Smriti Kniankam, ‘Mine’, ‘Mirth’ and ‘Melancholy’ – combined together make this book. It is a collection of biographical and autographical essays, which objectively discusses the important literary events and great personalities of Telugu poetry. In this work he has used reminiscences as a genre of literary criticism. By reading, any of the essays the reader would be benefited either from the point of knowledge or in terms of feeling.

These essays are considered a worthwhile contribution to Indian criticism in Telugu. Chekurirama Rao was honoured with Sahitya Akademi Award in 2002 for this work.


Even among atheists, there would be Confirmed Scholars

My childhood
Salutes tow hundred to Narsaraopet
An eminent individual and magnificent poet,
Nayani Subba Rao
Stream of Consciousness in the march of history
Memories of Swatantra
Time is not a current, it is a mine of experiences
Mind churning experience in the city of Madison
Exile in the city of Austin
Experiences alone illumine life
Jigs of beautiful Kandas in the seminar on translation
Literary trips are necessary for health
Oh! Book releases
For literature too kinsfolk are needed

Symbol of this century’s feminine progress
Senior leader in women’s lib
Lady writer engulfed by politics
All India award for Telugu poetry
University felicitation to Telugu Prose
Mohana! O, Mohana!
Hundred books of Janahita - Dharma Rao
Dharma Rao, helpful to many, but unmindful of himself
Thought provoking reading of stanzas
Nanduri, loftier than awards
Bhadriraju Krishna Murthy, the alternate word for linguistics
Best wishes to intellectual splendour
I am too fond of his stanza
Intellectual laurel to a scholar poet
Bethavolu Rambrahmam, the poet of New Godavari
Partnership in a peaceful revolution
Patthabhi, the distinguished intellectual
A.B.K, a rare editor.

My American teacher is no more
A.K. Ramanujan; an unaffected intellectual and
A seasoned linguist and litterateur
Lingering memories of Sri, departed from us
Ra. Ra. The earnest mended apparent in his letters
After a decade
Demise of an ideal research scholar
Where are traces of time departed after
Flapping its venomous wings.
His smile is an indelible memory
My first literary friend is no more
Are Time and mortality synonymous?
Chidambaram, sans Kumara Swamy
Varada, the experimenter in Telugu stanzas
Unwearied literary peregrinator, K.V.R.
Scholarly poet, Bommakanti
His name, research, industry, his address
Arudra, a marvel in Telugu literature

Epilogue - Redolence
Words at the - Numerous thanks and limited