The Problems of Philosophy

The Problems of Philosophy

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Author: Bertrand Russell
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 100
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195616863


First published in 1912, this classic introduction to the subjects of philosophical inquiry has proved invaluable to the formal student and general reader alike. It has Russell’s views, succinctly stated, on material reality and idealism, knowledge by acquaintance and by description, induction, knowledge of general principles and of universals, intuitive knowledge, truth and falsehood, the distinction between knowledge, error, and probable opinion, and the limits and value of philosophical knowledge.

This impression includes a foreword Russell wrote in 12924 for a German translation, in which he explains how some of his views have changed since he wrote “The Problems of Philosophy”.


1. Appearance and Reality

2. The Existence of Matter

3. The Nature of Matter

4. Idealism

5. Knowledge by Acquaintance
And Knowledge by Description

6. On Induction

7. On our Knowledge of
General Principles

8. How A Priori Knowledge is Possible

9. The World of Universals

10. On our Knowledge of Universal

11. On Intuitive Knowledge

12. Truth and falsehood

13. Knowledge, Error, and Probable

14. The Limits of Philosophical Knowledge

15. The Value of Philosophy

Bibliographical Notes

Foreword to the German Translation