Can India Grow without Bharat?

Can India Grow without Bharat?

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Author: Shankar Acharya
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 187
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788171886159


Can India grow without Bharat? Can we reap the “demographic dividend” of a young population? How should we revive industrial employment? Is the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act affordable? Why have reforms sputtered despite the “dream team”? How is growth so strong though reforms have stalled? How can populism be restrained? Can 8 % growth be sustained? Should we deploy forex reserves to build infrastructure? What must we do to renew our decaying cities?

What is the solution to the coming water crisis? Who are India’s tax reformers? Can bilateral trade agreements substitute for the Doha Round? Should SAARC have a common currency? Is “fiscal responsibility” working? Does monetary policy work? Can we really aspire to China’s economic league---or is it all hype? How good is our foreign policy?

The eminent economist Shankar Acharya provides forthright and provocative answers to these key issues about India’s development.



A. India: then and now
1. India’s economy: then and now

B. The employment challenge
2. Can India grow without Bharat?
3. Guaranteeing employment or fiscal crisis?
4. Reviving industrial employment

C. Reforms: on or off?
5. Why did India reform?
6. Reforms, may be but at what speed?
7. Bad ideas versus good men
8. Bad ideas are winning
9. Populism rides again
10. Economic policy: mid-term report

D. Economic growth
11. What’s happening in services?
12. Growth prospects: a reality check
13. Eight per cent growth forever?

E. Infrastructure problems
14. Foreign exchange for infrastructure, anyone?
15. A tale of three cities
16. India’s water troubles

F. Budget and tax policies
17. The good, the bad and the ugly
18. Tax policies for 2005
19. India’s tax reformers
20. The year of bad taxes
21. A curate’s egg

G. Foreign trade and payments
22. Wanted: a trade policy
23. The ABC of PTAs and FTAs
24. A common currency for SAARC?
25. A new BoP paradigm?
26. Global imbalances

H. Monetary and fiscal policies
27. Inflation and monetary policy
28. Farewell fiscal responsibility?
29. Fiscal deficit, what’s that?

I. Foreign affairs
30. Not in China’s league
31. China’s India strategy
32. Talking Turkey
33. Foreign policy: mid-term report