Estimating District Income in India

Estimating District Income in India

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Author: Rohini Nayyar
Meenakshi Rajeev/Vinod Vyasulu
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 138
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0333939174


Following the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments in 1992, local bodies have been empowered to prepare plans for economic development and social justice. The need for a deeper understanding of local economic activities to complement global ones has thus become important.

This book deals with the methodological details of estimating district income. District officers are ideally positioned to arrive at a reasonable estimated of district domestic product. They however require a great deal of support.

This book has been prepared keeping in mind the practical problems each Directorate of economics and Statistics faces with regard to data collection and compilation. It will also be of use to research scholars interested in economic activities at the district level.





1. Introduction

2. Basic Concepts

3. The crop Husbandry Sector

4. Forestry and Logging Sector

5. Fishery Sector

6. Mining and Quarrying

7. Commodity Producing (Secondary) Sector

8. From District Product to District Income

9. By Way of a Conclusion