Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

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Author: Rajeev Sharma
Publisher: Lotus Press
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 206
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818382109X


This is a book on Alternative Therapies, which are better known as ‘Holistic Therapies’. Most of these therapies are harmless but need skilled advice. Therapies like magneto therapy and acupuncture should be practiced only after gaining full knowledge.

But rest of the therapies as for e.g. Hydro Therapy, Mud Therapy, Massage, Sunrays Therapy (Surya Chikitsa), Acupressure Therapy, Reiki, Yogasanas, Diet Therapy etc. need only supervision or a months practice only.

This book provides through knowledge of all these therapies in a way, so that a laymen can understand and can be benefited. All the therapies include in this book are harmless and are supportive to many diseases.


1. What is Hydrotherapy
2. What is Hot Water Therapy
3. Some Important Procedures of Naturopathy
4. How to Take an Enema
5. Massage Therapy
6. Surya Chikitsa
7. Mud and Mustard Pack
8. The Causes of Ailment according to
Acupressure Therapy
9. Instructions at the Beginning of the Treatment
10. Diagnostic sticks and various objects to
Apply Pressure
11. The Time Duration and guiding Principles
For Applying Pressure
12. The Pressure (Reflex) Points and Their
Corresponding Body Organs
13. Reflex Points: The Mirror of ailments
14. Reiki - The Power Hidden Within
15. Magnetized Water and Oil
16. Simple Yogasanas for Everyone
17. Exercise for Relaxation
18. Important Points before Starting
Yogic Exercise
19. Juice Therapy
20. Diet Therapy with Ideal Menu
21. Home Treatment by Home Remedies
22. General Properties of fruits and Vegetables