Forgive Me Amma

Forgive Me Amma

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Author: Sundeep Misra
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 249
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8183280935


In a nation deprived of good sports literature, Forgive Me Amma
comes as a breath of fresh air. Written in the author's unique style,
the book takes the reader to the thick of action, be it on the lush green astro turf, or in the middle of an enthusiastic crowd, or at the highly charged press conferences.

Precise, objective and highly readable, the book succeeds in not only presenting the enigmatic legend Dhanraj Pillay in all his fame and fury, but also documents the tumultuous journey of Indian hockey during the times he played.




1. A Legend in the Making
2. Emergence of a Legend
3. Taste of Super Stardom
4. Was the Match Fixed?
5. ‘Umpiring Did Us In’
6. Captain and Coach going Their Own Way
7. Return of the Star
8. ‘We Work Hard While You Party Hard’
9. ‘I Haven’t Become slow: Have I?’
10. ‘Hate Being Asked about the Misses Made’
11. ‘I Don’t Think I will Ever Get over It’
12. Obsession with Himself and His Game
13. Captaincy, an Honour
14. Sacking of a Coach
15. World - Level Medal Eludes Him Again
16. Delivering a Promise
17. Battle for Athens
18. End of a Brilliant Run
19. We All Grow Old

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