The Singer Divine

The Singer Divine

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Author: Satjit Wadva
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 165
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188575976


Stories and fables automatically emerge around the divine entities and prophets, which ultimately create a magical spell that bind people to the mystique of their spiritual leader.

These stories, in reality, are the devotional longings of the disciples of prophets and Gurus and serve as the vehicle of expression carrying the spiritual message to the common folk. These biographical sketches fill the hiatus existing between history and legend and eventually become spontaneous homage to the religious leaders.

The poetic rendering of such stories in different languages is a formidable task difficult to accomplish. But Satjit Wadva’s poetic genius and literary sensitivity made her attain an exceptional success in rendering the stories from Guru Nanak’s life into English Poetry.


1. Home
2. Before birth
3. Birth
4. Childhood and schooling
5. Janeo, the sacred thread
6. As a herdsman
7. The snake umbrella
8. The shade of a tree
9. As a farmer
10. Pangs of separation
11. The doctor
12. The best bargain
13. As a store manager
14. Family life
15. The Guru went missing
16. The divine meeting
17. The singer
18. Mosque and prayer
19.Mlk or blood
20. Wali Qandhari
21. In Hardwar
22. In Mecca
23. The money lender
24. As a trader
25. At Jagannath Puri
26. Sajjan the robber
27. Encounter with a holy man
28. The tale of the bitter nut
29. Kurukshetra
30. In the prison
31. The monster Kauda
32. Meeting with the Siddhas
33. Holy congregation
34. The path
35. The last phase
36. Word pictures