A Cup Of Chai

A Cup Of Chai

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Author: Meenakshi Varma
Translator(s)/ Edito: Meenakshi Varma
Publisher: Unisun
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 271
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8188234311


A cup of hot chai and crisp pakoras. That’s just what we need when the grey clouds gather and the monsoon sets in. and like that perfect cup of tea, which varies from person to person, this anthology attempts to be different things to different people. The stories, written by twelve Indians, showcase Brand India today – proudly global yet sometimes pitifully parochial.

We hope, that like that good cup of chai, you will find these stories refreshing energizing… and to your taste.



1. Accha Mami
2. The remark
3. A Cup of Chai
4. Purnima
5. Birdie on the Seventh
6. Courage
7. Dry day
8. A Permanent Place
9. Prophecy
10. The Fifty-Year Itch
11. The Messenger
12. The Biryani
13. Jasmine for the Blue God
14. I Am
15. Betrayal
16. Tale of Two Satyrs
17. Comrade, Fly with Me
18. For a Good Husband
19. If Only...
20. A Night of Perfection
21. Peace
22. Puppets Don’t Feet
23. The Supervisor
24. Atonement
25. Daughter
26. Lunch Hour
27. Missy Madam
28. Rosalind
29. Futility
30. The Escape
31. The Underground Roots
32. Kaurva Chauthy
33. The Monkey Hill View
34. Alone