A Selection Of Contemporary Dogri Poetry

A Selection Of Contemporary Dogri Poetry

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Author: Shivanath
Translator(s)/ Edito: Shivanath
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 188
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812602271X


A selection of Contemporary Dogri Poetry is a volume which represents a wide variety of poems: right from the first published poem of Dinu Bhai Pant in 1944 to Ved Rahi’s which came out in 2003. The approach in this selection as the translator says is quite different. What is kept in view is a certain standard, poetic merit, imagery, intellectual element and susceptibility to rendition in simple English so that pieces do not look flat in English translation.

The volume shows the development of Dogri Poetry over a period of sixty years: from idealism, sentimentalism and romanticism to impressionism and realism; from hesitancy and inhabited expression to more open, frank, uninhabited expression of feelings and emotions and finally from outside view of things to expression on inner tensions.


An Introduction

Dinu Bhai Pant
Ram Nath Shastri
Ved Pal Deep
Yash Sharma
Shambhu Nath
Tara Samailpuri
Kehri Singh Madhukar
Padma Sachdev
Ram Lal Sharma
Charan Singh
Narsingh Dev Jamwal
Mohaan Lal Sapolia
Shiv Ram Deep
Jitendra Udhampuri
O.P. Sharma Sarathi
Santosh Kajuria
Sagar Palampuri
Kunwar Viyogi
Virendra Kesar
Mohan Singh
Dhyan Singh
Om Vidyarthi
Mohammad Yasin Baig
Darshan Darshi
Vijay Varma
Pavittar Singh Salathia
Inderjit Kesar
Ravindra Kaul
Deepak Doogra
Ved Rahi
Usha Vyas
Om Goswami
Aswini Magotra
Shiv Dev Manhaas
Champa Sharma
Surji sing ‘HOSH’