Manorma Knowledge Adventure 1999 Edition (CD-ROM)

Manorma Knowledge Adventure 1999 Edition (CD-ROM)

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Author: Manorma
Publisher: Manorma
Year: 1999
Language: English
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Manorama Knowledge Adventure 1999 Interactive Yearbook contains the entire Yearbook contents plus much more.

A Comprehensive Reference Resource for the whole family 20th century in Review, Science & Technology, World Panorama, India Panorama, Awards & Honors, Sports, Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Career Quiz...

Tips for Success, Emergency First Aid Instructions, How to Choose Your Career, Facing Interviews, Personality Development, Sports Fact Sheet, Important Addresses, Interesting Trivia...

The CD-ROM contains exciting Facts.... Pictures......Video Clippings

Minimum System Requirements :
Windows '95 or later Versions,486/66 MHz with 16 MB RAM, Sound card, 2x CD-ROM Drive.