Talking Drum     (Set of 2 Illustrated Books)

Talking Drum (Set of 2 Illustrated Books)

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Author: Malini Saigal
Swati Bhattacharjee/
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 81
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812301192X et al


1. Talking Drum and other stories:

The Talking Drum and other stories is a bouquet of carefully selected folk tales from the ancient literary heritage of India. The stories have been imaginatively illustrated for the children between the age group of seven to twelve but the is sure to interest the readers of all ages.

The author Malini Saigal has written many books for children. Illustration is her forte and the ones used in the book speak volumes for it. Presently she is associated with various publishing houses.

This book includes six stories:
1. The Talking Drum
2. The Flavour of Life
3. The Magic Vessels
4. The Hospitable Pujari
5. A True Portrait
6. All is for the Best

2. The Blessing & other stories:
A restaurant that appears only to very hungry boys, a witch who would give rubies and diamonds only if one could laugh a flute which can make the grown-ups play like small children and the boy who painted the very first picture of mankind on the walls of a cave.

Each of the eight stories in this book tell a different tale, but thy have one thing in common, a sense that great mysteries-strange powers, deep wisdom live within each of us. Sometimes we feel them in overselves and at time in people we know. These stories are little prisms that set off the true colours hidden in the light of life.

The author of this book is a journalist. She writes stories for children in both English and Bengali.

This book includes eight stories:
1. The First Artist
2. Vishnu
3. Why Shibu Ran Away
4. The Treasure of the Blind Witch
5. Rini Meets a Witch
6. The Inn of Double Happiness
7. A Home for Five Brothers
8. The Blessing