The World Cup Encyclopedia (CD-ROM)

The World Cup Encyclopedia (CD-ROM)

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Author: Stump Vision
Publisher: Stump Vision
Year: 1999
Language: English
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This CD-ROM has won a Gold Medal in the AD Club Awards.

One can spend hours on this 2 CD-ROM Pack to understand the game and browse for information about the World Cups played across the years in different countries.


- Computer Performance Ratings analysis of every performance in every World Cup Match
- Scorecards of every World Cup Match
- Reports of every match - from 1975 to 1996
- In-depth reports (Audio & Text) on each World Cup
- Hall of fame - 20 Great Performers
- Every type of Analysis which will be needed
- Photographs / video clips / audio
- Very user friendly and contains a plethora of information about the World Cups

Minimum Requirements:

Pentium with 32 MB RAM running Windows 95/98 with display card supporting true color at 800 x 600. Multimedia Kit with CD-ROM Drive