Appu's Tales - Have Fun while You Learn (CD-ROM)

Appu's Tales - Have Fun while You Learn (CD-ROM)

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Author: Media Fusion
Publisher: Media Fusion
Year: 1999
Language: English
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This CD-ROM is for Ages 4 and above and is in both English and Hindi languages.

Appu's Tales is based on the collection of fables from the Panchatantra, which was compiled over 2000 years ago in Sanskrit by Vishnusarman to instruct the sons of kings in worldly wisdom.

Appu tells us about the antics of his delightful friends the crow, lion, and monkey. There are six stories in which Appu's friends teach the children valuable lessons through fun and games. This entertaining ,educational and interactive CD_ROM introduces children to life's valuable lessons:

- Never believe a rumor
- Presence of mind always helps
- When danger strikes think calmly and act
- Never give up and you will succeed
- We are treated the way we treat others
- Being intelligent is more powerful than being strong

And there is more...

- Surprise Animations
- Morals
- Question and Answer Sections
- Music and Sound Effects

Minimum Requirements:

PC: MPC 486, 16MB RAM, Windows 95 640 X 480 display, 256 colors, 4x CD-ROM
MAC: 68030, 16MB RAM, System 7.0, 640 X 480 display, 256 colors, 4x CD-ROM