The Fractured Civilisation

The Fractured Civilisation

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Author: Lancy Fernandes
Satyajit Bhatkal/
Publisher: Bharatiya Janwadi Aghadi
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 151
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


What is the source of the dangerous political and social fracture which afflicts India today? Why are all political ideologies and parties losing their captivating power?

This book shows how capitalism brought about a historic civilisational shift in the social structure of caste, but how in turn Indian capitalism has been deformed by caste. It explains how this civilisational shift has now exhausted its progressive role and hence is engendering crisis after crisis. It presents the socio-political backdrop to better understand why the Hindutvawadis have arrived centrestage as a challenge to the Nehruites.

The authors argue that with India now in the throes of globalization, a second civilisational shift is absolutely necessary to resolve the crisis facing the country.



1. Introduction

2. The unique path of Indian social evolution

3. The modern basis of caste

4. How ideologies & polities modernized caste

5. The developing crisis

6. The battle of civilisational perspectives

7. An alternative civilisational perspective

8. Towards an alternative civilisations shift