Healing As Mission

Healing As Mission

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Author: L. Stanislaus SVD
Several Contributors/
Translator(s)/ Edito: L. Stanislaus SVD/Jose Joseph SVD
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 291
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172149360


This book contains the proceedings of the National Consultation on Healing as Mission from 12 to 16 December, 2005 at Ishvani Kendra (an Institute of Missiology and Communications), Pune. This Institute has taken the initiative to organize this consultation to understand the mission of the Church in healing ministry from the perspective of physical, psychological, spiritual and social healing.



1. Healing as Evangelization
2. Integrated Holistic Approach
And Health Care
3. Physical Health and its Challenges
to the Church
4. Interfaces Between Health Care,
Marginalization And Christian Mission
5. Healing as Mission: Psychological Perspectives
6. Prayer and spiritual Healing
7. Healing: Theological Perspectives
8. Healing Power and Creativity
9. Challenges and Approaches to Addiction
10. Healing Ministry Among Street Children
11. Health, Healing and Women in Rural Areas
In Inca
12. Survival of Mothers and Babies in Urban Slums
13. Healing and Health with Regard to Hospitals
14. Conclusions of the National Consultation

List of Participants