Abundant Life  -  In The Gospel Of John

Abundant Life - In The Gospel Of John

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Author: George Mlakuzhyil S.J.
Publisher: ISPCK
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 376
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-7214-956-5


Designed to be used as a guide and companion volume to John’s gospel, this book is meant to enable its readers to discover the priceless theological-spiritual treasure of the Gospel, namely abundant Life here and hereafter.

“Following the order of the Gospel, the book is divided into eight thematically defined chapter and is then subdivided into smaller units or periscopes. Some of the major Hohannine themes like life, the hour, love, faith, signs, works, etc., are treated clearly and concisely in the Appendices. A glossary of select terms and asterisked words at the end of the book will be of great help to many readers. A Note to the Readers shows how to use this book and draw maximum benefit from it. A handy pull-out of the Plan of John’s gospel serves as a navigational tool for the traveler. Questions at the end of each chapter help to personalize and deepen one’s faith and love, and thus experience the abundance of life promised by Jesus.

A very interesting feature of this book is the sophisticated treatment of the various responses of different characters to the progressive self-revelation of Jesus as the Messiah, the son of god, the Life-giver and the Path to abundant life. And what happens to these characters depends on the quality of their response, the depth of their faith, or the lack thereof. The readers are challenged by the unfolding revelation of the mystery of life and are invited to enter into this mystery and respond to it in faith and love, to be radically transformed.

Another valuable characteristic of the book is its blend of scholarship and spirituality. The author has successded in explaining scholarly insights to unlock and unearth the inexhaustible spiritual treasure troves of the Johannine gospel.”
- Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection



Note to the Readers


1. The life-giving word/son of God and
The messiah
2. The universal messiah
3. The coworker/son of God
4. The life-giver
5. Farewell of the departing "Lover"
6. The paschal mystery
7. Faith in Jesus, the messiah, the son of
God and the life-giver
8. The caring risen lord

The path of faith and love to abundant life

1. The woman caught in adultery
2. "(Eternal) Life" in Jn.
3. "Faith" (Believing) in Jn.
4. "The Hour" in Jn.
5. "Love" in Jn
6. "Signs" and "Works" in Jn.



Select bibliography:
1. Books/articles cited
2. Books for further study/prayer/retreat/preaching

Plan of John’s Gospel